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The Spanner Collection

To kick things off here, I am releasing my first small collection; The Spanner Collection.

This work is inspired by my love for old tools, and spanners, in my opinion have a strong aesthetic that I aimed to encapsulate in this body of work.

The Spanner Bone Bangle.

This bangle was the first piece in the collection I completed.(Available to purchase in the web store). started life as a spanner I had found in an old junk shop, I decided to cut one end off and sculpt a bone on it using an epoxy clay. The bone end was modelled off a human femur, the femur being the strongest bone in the human body I thought it fitting to be joined to a tool that has to be strong to do the job its designed for.

The Spanner Stone Ring.

The second piece to be made in this collection. This piece started as a small spanner that I had found. The original steel spanner was reforged and bent into a ring shape, the closed end of the spanner was then made to accept a stone, in this case a moonstone (more stones to come).

The Spanner Necklace.

This is the last piece to be made for the collection. Comprised of three main components, the necklace has a toggle clasp and the main spanner pendant.

The pendant is the end I had cut from the original spanner for the bangle, that small detail is something i really love about this design.

The toggle clasp is made from two pieces, the T-Bar, this was originally made from a found steel nut then soldered onto a piece of round bar and copied in silver.

The Ring is originally made from the end of a closed end spanner that cut and filed thinner to make more wearable in this design.

All these components are then connected with a thick knife edge chain.

Overall I am extremely happy to have produced this collection. The first of many, I hope.

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