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An on going body of work between Elliot Walker (Winner of Season two of Blown Away) and myself, Sam Ritte (Just some guy)

i will fully admit that this work is fully Elliots brain child, and hard work, I am just here supplying big nails in Bronze or, if I am lucky, Silver.

These nails pinning the Goblets to the wall with screws, a brilliant idea from Elliot Walker and I am truly blessed to have worked along side him on this project.

Elliot explains: “I have a natural aversion to rules, and like many others find it insufferable to have the ‘correct’ way of doing things imposed on me by those who believe that there is no other way. The height of reverence that the goblet and the goblet maker have been raised to are synonymous in my mind with the many polarising debates we see in society today. An idea can be so steeped in tradition and history as to be drowning in it; change often comes through acts of violence and the intention to disrupt the perfect order of things.”

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